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why MxMW?

Rock stars follow their own compass.

Do things their own way. Defy conventions. Break rules. Challenge us.

Which is great… if you’re a rock star.

But we are not rock stars.

Don’t misunderstand—we think you’ll be floored by what we do.

But unlike those late-starting, long-break-taking, rule-breaking rock stars, our compass is you.

We play the music you want to hear.

We start on time. We play late. We don’t take breaks.

Sure, we want you to forget your troubles. But we also hope you'll forget to go home.

Live music is a collaboration between performer, audience, & venue.

You ready to do your part? Pick some songs off this list. Text your friends. Have ‘em come meet you. Order a fresh drink. Let’s do this thing.

Make it your own

What's it gonna be? Rock? Country? 60s? 90s? You pick.

Can't stop, won't stop.

We didn't come here to take breaks, we came to get this party started.

Better with friends.

Seriously, text your friends. Assemble your crew.

What people are saying

  • Thursdays with MxMW are my happy place.
    -Beth, bartender
  • Really quite brilliant.
    -James, father of the bride
  • These guys know ALL. THE. SONGS.
  • Our favorite performer to date! Our members were thrilled.
    -Kathy, country club manager

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